in person


    hai friends !

     Every person has his own philosophy, and I am not  an exception.  I have my own ideas, thoughts, and plans which may be quite different from others.  It’s quite natural.  By the way, you are interested in knowing my personality and  I thank you for this. Indeed personality is what a person is.

     I am basically a pacifist, loving to do helping all, and harming to none.  And I wish good for all.  I have my own political ideas. I, like everybody, have a notion about the people and things going around me and develop my thoughts related to it. 

     One special thing related to me is that I would like to see the world in a scientific manner or I am more inclined to science.  I liked science very much and scientific thoughts always inspired me.  Almost all the sciences fascinated me and my favourites are Astronomy, Archaeology, Psychology and Anthropology. 

     I like reading very much.  I have read many books in the above said topics and others.  Yet another thing of my interest is music.  I have studied Karnatic music in my school days.  Music has always fascinated me.  Although I had been trained in Karnatic music, don’t think that I am not interested in other classical music.  I am interested in Hindustani, and Western classical music also.  I also appreciate all music from Rap to Rock.

     I like films of great value much.  I used to see films.  I have seen several classical films from the Darsana Film Society, Kattappana, in which I am a member.  Some films that touched me much are ‘All man for himself and god against all’, ‘The seventh seal’, ‘Ivan’s Childhood’, ‘Pather Panjali’, ‘Piravi’, ‘Anantharam’, and ‘Chidambaram’.  My favourite film directors are Werner Herzog, Igmar Bergman, Andrei Tharkovsky, Satyajith Ray, Shaji N. Karun, Adoor Gopalakrishnan and Aravindan.  Not only highly artistical films, but also other films also interests me.

     I do not believe in god(s) and is not religious in nature.  But I regard the religious and moral values and has no hatred to religious persons.  “They have their own way  and I have my own” that is my attitude.  I do involve in religious functions for studying the culture, mass behaviour etc.  I never miss a chance to visit temples, churches and mosques if I got a chance and had visited many such places in Kerala and Tamilnadu. 

     Another thing related to me is that I was very much fascinated to mother nature.  The seas, trees, forests, sky(?), the space(nothing)  always wondered me.  The space is always a wonder to me.  I think much of my life about the space. How it was originated, who created it, from where it was created, and when it was created etc., etc.  All the religious texts or the so called holy books tell us about the created of matter only and not the space.  Thus space is always mysterious to me.  I am in a search in my life about space or no space.  Science too can say only vaguely about the space.  At this context, I would like to quote an instance from the Upanishad

      “ Om purnamadam purnamidam
         Purnasya purnamadaya

                                                go up