about me

about me
                ABOUT ME

        My name is NADIA DEVASIA. The name Nadia had its orgin from the name NADIA COMENECHI, the Romanian gymnastic wonder who scored the Perfect Ten in the 1976 Munich Olympics. I was born on January 12, 1977. The speciality of this day is that it is the birthday of the great Swami Vivekananda also. I was born at Kattappana in Idukki District of Kerala, in India. My father is Mr. K.K.Devasia who is a social worker. My mother is Mrs. M.J.Anandam. I have only one brother, Alende Devasia.  

        In the age of three I started my formal education at the St. Martha's Nursery School, Kattappana. After that I was admitted to Infant Jesus Nursery School at Kattappana for my Kindergartten studies. I completed the L.K.G and U.K.G in one year and joined Ossanam English Medium School, Kattappana. After completing ten years, I came out with 87% marks in SSLC. Then for my Predegree course, I joined St. Joseph's College, Moolamattom, which is about 65 kms away from my place. There I stayed in a hostel and hostel life changed me a lot. From there I learned how to live in a society. For my physics studies, I selected St. Dominic's College,Kanjirappally. It is a centre of Christian and Muslim cultures and it was a great pleasure for me to know about those orthodox people. For my post graduation, I joined CMS College Kottayam. It is an unforgettable period in my life where I get my best teacher Prof. Rajan K. John. Then I took BEd degree from St. Joseph's Training College, Mannanam near Kottayam. Now I am working as a guest lecturer in Physics in my own place . So Iam very satisfied.  

        The most beutiful thing we can experience is the mysterious  
    It is the source of all art and science  
    He to whom this emotion is a stranger,  
    who can no longer pursue to wonder and stand rapt in awe,  
    is as good as dead ;   his eyes are closed.

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